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"this [company] has ENORMOUS ambitions."

Chicago Tribune

"a very exciting place to see a show ...
that fearless kind of theatrical energy"

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"this up-and-coming troupe of young creators is one I expect to see hit theatrical pay dirt time and time again."

Rick Reed, Windy City Times

"ambitious shows ... with a growing reputation."

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"This is a theater company to follow and support as they break new ground and set impressive standards."

Venus Zarris, GayChicago Magazine

"... the youthful, bare-bones operation that has staged laudable work in recent seasons ..."

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"For aficionados of artistic theatre in small black-box settings, this is one of the most interesting theatre companies in town."

Randy Hardwick, ChicagoCritic.com

"One of the most interesting and innovative theatres in Chicago."

Kelly Kleiman, WBEZ's 848

"This tiny Rogers Park venue is huge in creative genius ...
some of Chicago's finest thespian and creative talent ... searing, poignant, acerbic, surreal, and thought-provoking theater."

Rick Reed, Windy City Times

"Under the wing of its artistic director and founder, Adam Webster, the side project has delivered another provocative success. Ten one-act plays, linked by their exploration of 'the human condition at the peak of adversity,' offer fleeting insights into failure and desire"

Rebecca L. Ford, Windy City Times

"An important contribution to the development of new works, new voices in the theatre ... a dark and ominous feeling prevails with glimmers of hope and faith."

Tim Sauers, GayChicago Magazine

"...If you've yet to discover the side project theatre company in Rogers Park, don't wait any longer... the side project regularly produces exquisite plays that leave audiences wonderstruck."

Leah Zeldes, Pioneer Press

"this [company] has ENORMOUS ambitions."

Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

"Nobody in Chicago does adolescent angst quite like the Side Project... the intimate Rogers Park company treats young-adult characters as if they’re no less complicated than those in Ibsen."

Christopher Piatt, Time Out Chicago